Turn your marketing into a powerful conversion machine

You know that the goal of marketing is to increase sales and profit. But would you like your marketing to increase sales and profit cost-effectively in a measurable, repeatable, continuously-improved way? It is now achievable with right methodology and advanced technologies.

We are here to help you.

Effective marketing should be a thoughtfully-designed customer conversion process, in which you effectively find most qualified buyers in the market, build rapport with them, get to understand their needs, present them the right products, and communicate with them until they are ready to buy. Through this process you continuously and reliably produce buying customers, or high-quality sales leads for your sales force, call centers, or channel partners to follow up. Like a manufacturing process, you will be able to quantify each step, calculate ROI, and know what actions to take to improve the end results.

With our BoldSeas Customer Conversion ServicesTM, below are the benefits you will be able to enjoy:

Invite bigger relevant traffic with less cost

Industry benchmark of using ad banners to drive target audience to your website is generally in the range of 0.2~0.8 USD per visit, and is getting higher every day. We can help you to use targeted personalized eDM to save 80% of the cost per visit, and use our deep linking service to save 30% of the cost per visit.

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Getting more qualified leads

Have you ever wondered why the sales leads generated by your marketing activities more often than not are regarded as “not qualified” or “immarture” by your sales force, and not appreciated as they should be? With our lead definition, capturing, nuturing and qualification methodolgy and tools, we can easily help you generate more leads with better quality, and make marketing become the most cherished resource by your sales force, as it should be.

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Win more new customers

Prospects to your website are going through a buying process and typically need mutiple contacts to be ready to buy. With prospect nurturing processes empowered by our BoldSeas Customer Conversion ServicesTM, additional 5%~25% of the new customers who show their instersts by opting-in email addresses may be eventually buying your products, which generate significant new revenue for you.

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Maximize sales from existing customers

Your existing customers are where you can generate the most profit, as long as you know who they are, what they need and when is the right time to talk to them. Our BoldSeas Customer Conversion ServicesTM empowered you with a set of tools to cost-effectively capture your existing customers' data, while conducting on-going communications and targeted promotions with them at the right time. Existing customers under such tailored customer care can easily increase your share of budget by at least 10%

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